Sold out | sashiko product in Cowra Japanese Garden 2020.11.17

My sashiko products (coasters and mats) being sold at Cowra Japanese Garden since this September are now sold out – I am pleased and appreciate people who valued my work and purchased them. Thank you very much.

New coasters are on the way

My new sashiko coasters were shipped to Cowra yesterday. I hope my sashiko products can make someone’s daily life a little bit more exciting.

How did I start working with Cowra Japanese Garden?

 I visited Cowra Japanese Garden earlier this year and learnt about the sad history during and after the WWII. On the first visit I was impressed that people in Cowra have been so generous, understanding and made great effort to build a good relationship between Australia and Japan. After I read the book ‘Blankets on the wire’, I realised more people including Japanese have been involved in building and keeping this friendship and mutual understanding between the two countries.

Then a question came to my mind – ‘So how am I going to be involved and contribute?’.

It is possible to make this new discovery in my life, but not be involved. I just visited a town, read a book and learned new facts – that’s all. But there are some people who decided to be involved somehow – as a writer of a book, as translator of the book, as a member to keep this garden etc.

Then I decided to make Japanese crafts using my hobby sashiko. This is my contribution to make the mutual understanding and relationship. I hope someone will find my sashiko products interesting, and they start learning to loving Japan more.

a highly recommended book

New projects

An addition to my first products (coasters and mats), is an A5 size pouch. I am working on this now and looking forward to introducing this new sashiko product soon. Keep in touch.


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