Sending sashiko materials during this lockdown 2021.07.14

The ‘Stay at home’ order is now extended until Friday 30th July 2021 in Sydney. My sashiko class needs to be postponed again, maybe for a while. It is sad but I decided to offer to post the materials to our students so they can have a stimulating and enjoyable time at home during this lockdown. Are you interested in joining us? You are always welcome!  

About ‘Sashiko tote bag project II’

My sashiko class currently works on the tote bag project. In each lesson we learn one traditional sashiko pattern, and at the end of five or eight lessons, we make our own bag by sewing the patches together in your way – there’s only one bag in the world like your bag!

The ‘sashiko tote bag project I’ was successfully completed in early 2021 and we have just started with new members in April. After a couple of lessons, this Delta COVID variant hit Sydney.

Enjoy your sashiko at home 

I value not only learning new skills but also the social element between the students in my class – but now I decided to offer to post materials to them. I believe that doing sashiko at home helps to manage/survive this difficult time.

Like the other needle works, doing sashiko stitching makes you ‘focus in this moment’ – it is a form of meditation, and that makes you relax!

Interested in having a sashiko kit?

If you are interested in receiving a sashiko tote bag project II kit, I am pleased to organise one for you. All patterns are drawn by me – hand drawn.

For more information, visit St James Rail website, which I normally organise trips to Japan and contact ‘Takako’.


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